Why PHR is inevitable,
an emerging solution?

The rising number of lifestyle and chronic diseases, the cost of healthcare & the growth of health awareness along with growing broadband access have pushed the consumer to shift to self care methods, online second opinions . This potentially alters the decision making of the consumer seeking healthcare services. This is where the PHR plays a major role as it facilitates and empowers the consumer to store, manage & share their health data & to access the services from various providers.

Benefits of PHR

  • Detailed summary of patient health status at one place
  • Paperless record, so no folder and storage expenses
  • Secured record, taking care of the privacy issues
  • Easy accessibility, one click away
  • Record regular input from the patient itself

Medind emergency id card is not just your basic pendrive. It is a revolutionary personal health record (PHR) safety device that can be carried in your pocket, purse. It connects to a web portal and a 24/7 emergency call center. Medind emergency id card comes with a user-friendly program that will quickly allow anyone to enter and upload critical personal health record (PHR) history such as doctor information and lifestyle information into an online data file and flash drive.